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Bruins Return From Vancouver Olympics With Assortment of Experiences

On Monday morning, the Boston Bruins hosted a closed practice at the TD Garden to prepare to host the Montréal Canadiens in their first game since the Olympic break began more than two weeks ago. Absent from the practice, however, were center Patrice Bergeron and goaltender Tim Thomas, who had yet to return from Vancouver, […]

SoB 2010 Olympic Ice Hockey Power Rankings: Men’s Quarterfinals

With the quarterfinal bracket for the men’s hockey tournament in Vancouver set (and preempting our usual NHL Power Rankings), SoB’s bi-weekly power ranking for hockey will instead cover the eight teams that have made it to the quarterfinals. Since every team is being ranked, a first place vote earns seven points, a second place vote […]

2010 Olympic Men’s Hockey: Playoff Bracket

The men’s round-robin hockey play has seen some huge surprises in 2010, like the U.S. knocking off Canada for the first time in 50 years, and what about Slovakia beating the Russians? The Russia/Canada match everyone thought would be the gold medal game is instead a potential quarterfinal contest. The defending champion Sweden is #2 […]

2010 Olympic Women’s Hockey: Playoff Bracket

With only eight teams, the women’s bracket has been shaped without much time going by. The U.S. And Canada are leading the way, and as the only remaining unbeaten teams have to be the favorites to slug it out in the gold medal game, with the bronze medal game looking like an all-Scandinavian battle between […]

Lysacek vs. Plushenko: The Nature of Figure Skating

One of the big issues that arose during the Winter Olympics surrounded the results of the men’s figure skating competition. The winner, American Evan Lysacek, beat out Russian Evgeni Plushenko despite not completing a quadruple jump, a feat that Plushenko believes alone should have merited him the gold medal. Plushenko went on the record saying […]

Scotty Lago Racy Photo Controversy

I’m sure you’ve all heard that New Hampshire native Scott Lago, who earned the bronze medal in snowboarding at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, recently left the Olympics after racy photos of him at a party were posted on TMZ.com. Did he deserve this fate? Personally, I think the photo featuring a girl bending over […]

Gold is the Goal: Olympic Men’s Hockey Preview

Beginning Tuesday, the world’s greatest hockey players will convene in Vancouver, British Columbia for the 2010 Winter Olympics. A dozen teams, featuring the best pucksters from around the globe, all vying for Olympic gold. For true hockey fans, does it get any better than this? But what can we expect to see over the 13-day […]

American Events To Watch In The Vancouver Olympics

With the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics set for Friday evening, we’re all waiting to see which U.S. athletes will bring home gold, and which events will bring home the most precious metal to America. Which of the 15 events will Americans love to watch most? Which of them will have the most […]