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Derek Jeter with Walk-Off in Final Game at Yankee Stadium

Don’t hold your breath, Red Sox fans. Something’s telling me you might not be seeing much of Derek Jeter on the field at Fenway Park in the final three games of the season and his career. On Thursday night, in his final game at Yankee Stadium after a 20-year career as a New York Yankee, Jeter […]

Beckett, Red Sox Drop Second Straight in the Bronx

So much for that thunderous roar back into the standings. While a sweep would have been the nail in the proverbial coffin for your 2010 Boston Red Sox, the best that this team can hope for at this point is a split of the series. Doesn’t it taste just as bitter? As Josh Beckett and the […]

Red Sox Nation Buys Naming Rights to New Yankee Stadium

A consortium of celebrity Boston Red Sox fans today announced that they have purchased the naming rights to Yankee Stadium, and might change the name to A.H.O.L.E. Stadium. The group, led by Red Sox owner John Henry and celebrity fans such as Ben Affleck and Denis Leary, among others, made an anonymous bid of over […]

The New Yankee Stadium Experience

Recently I had a chance to check out the new Yankee Stadium as I went to see the Yankees play the Orioles. Unfortunately, I did not arrive before the game due to the limited amount of time I had to check out the stadium. However, I was able to get a decent impression of the stadium, and saw enough […]

More Home Runs at the new Yankee Stadium: So What?

It’s amazing how limited the press can make their own vision to generate a point of larger noise. The new Yankee stadium has been home to a solid amount of home runs for April and immediately the press is jumping to conclusions that it’s now this massive hitter’s park that will make Coors Field look […]

Yankees 2009 Tickets: Purchase Process Unfair

When the news first broke of fans getting the royal middle finger from the Yankees organization with regards to season ticket plans at the new stadium, I figured they couldn’t generate any more bad press with the single-game ticket sales plans. I mean, consider some of the recent bad news surrounding the new Yankee Stadium: […]

Hearing on Yankee Stadium Bonds Sinks to New Low

I’ve seen Bud Selig and other owners and front offices stoop to this level. I never expected to see the Yankees there, though. After all, the Yankees are the richest franchise in baseball and have many avenues to obtain large amounts of revenue. Yet, at the Yankees hearing on the bonds issued to the team for […]

What Yankee Stadium Means to Me

The House That Ruth Built. The Cathedral in the Bronx. A place that in a few weeks will start being disassembled and taken down. It was sold to people for the city’s profit. It’s been renovated and had seating capacity expanded (and what stadium hasn’t?). It’s seen night games and day games, double headers, playoff […]

Fantasy Wrap-Up: Week 25 (9-15 – 9-21)

It’s the final week of Fantasy Baseball in all Yahoo! leagues, and for those lucky people in the Championship Round, it’s time to pick up the players who are going to surge as the regular season comes to a close. Make reckless moves! Stream your pitching! Drop those players you once never thought were droppable […]

Experiencing the MLB All Star FanFest

This year, with the MLB All Star game being at Yankee Stadium, the MLB All Star FanFest was also brought to New York City. Thanks to my mother’s friend, I procured two free tickets to a night session for people who received tickets exclusively from Bank of America. It was held at the Jakob Javits […]

Starting at 2B: Not Ian Kinsler

With the mid-summer classic ready to go on Tuesday night, there have been complaints over who is going and who is not. Starting the All-Star Game is supposed to signify that you are the best in the league at your position. Since fans have been given the right to vote, more often than not, they […]

SI Does Not Know Why People Really Go To Ballparks

Every year Sports Illustrated likes to do ballpark rankings to show which parks are the best to go to. And just like many major surveys by sports media organizations, it doesn’t get to the heart of what fans care about. I only wish the easy explanation for why it was done in this manner is […]