// Yi Jianlan

Celtics Update: What’s Going On?

All has been quiet on the Celtics off-season front recently. Two weeks have passed since Marquis Daniels agreed to join the C’s in some capacity, and since then…crickets. I would like to preface all of this by pointing out the fact that Danny Ainge was on vacation last week. Here are the latest rumblings. Daniels […]

Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 11 (1-5 – 1-11)

I’ve noticed in both my leagues how there is very little trading. I attribute this to basically everyone being so satisfied with their team that they are willing to put the same roster out there every single day and just fill in the holes with random free agents. I mean, it is suiting me well […]

Celtics Four-Point Play: NBA Draft Preview

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll have a full preview of the NBA Draft and a quick look back at what the Celtics had going into last year’s draft. 1. What a difference a year makes: In 2007, the Celtics had the No. 5 selection in the NBA Draft. It’s truly to amazing […]