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July 18, 2016 at 6:57pm in Featured, MLB, Red Sox, Top Story
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With a chance to sweep the Yankees and pull to within one game of the Baltimore Orioles for first place in the East, the Red Sox had their $200 million dollar man on the mound last night. Coming out of the break, Sox fans (including myself) were hopeful that David Price had figured out the source of his struggles throughout the first half of the year. Unfortunately, it was much of the same for Price and the Sox last night in the Bronx.

Like so many times this season, the big lefty looked sharp in the opening frames. His velocity was excellent, painting the black with a fastball touching 96 mph early and often. That, combined with his ability to mix in his breaking ball saw Price making quick work of the Yankees 19th ranked lineup through the first three innings. But, much like it has SO many times this season, one big inning ultimately did in the Red Sox “ace”.

So often this year, Price’s nemesis has been the long ball. While he didn’t allow a yabo last night, (a small miracle) he did surrender five hits in the fourth inning that resulted in three Yankee runs. Combine that with an excellent performance from Tanaka and the great Yankee bullpen, and that was all she wrote for the Sox and their six game winning streak.

Watching a pitcher with Price’s track record and ability struggle so mightily this season has been nothing short of perplexing. Mowing down lineups for years with the Rays, Jays, and Tigers, no one could have envisioned him sitting on an ERA of 4.36 twenty starts into his Red Sox career. Here’s hoping he can right the ship before the Sox and their playoff hopes disappear in the heat of the summer.

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1.Red Sox:

* Sorry – not gonna stay up for the classic Red Sox vs. Yankees Sunday four-hour special

* As Mookie gets off to one of the great starts in Red Sox history – isn’t it time to give him a new number – 50 doesn’t work

* Xander hitting .162 in July so far – still has chance for batting title

* Sandy Leon’s is 27-59 so far for .458 average / Ted Williams was 20 for his first 59 when he hit .406

* Ortiz has 57 extra base hits to 44 strikeouts

2. Brady:

I’m gonna say that the Tom Brady suspension is the worst loss in Boston sports history – worse than: Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: OJ, Poland Speech and Noxzema »

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The New England Patriots are loaded headed into the season.  They have had the best offseason of any team in the AFC if not in the league.  However with as good as they are their are a few teams that could challenge them in the AFC.

3. Houston Texans

The Texans have had a sneaky good offseason.  They signed two key free agents in Brock Osweiler, and Lamar Miller, they still have JJ Watt who we all know can be very dominant.  Deandre Hopkins is coming off of a breakout season and he should only get better with the signing of Brock Osweiler.  I have never taken the Texans serious, but if there is a team that could surprise people it’s them.

2. Indianapolis Colts

At 8-8 last season The Colts totally underperformed, but this team still has super bowl potential.  With The Colts it’s really just a question if they can stay healthy or not.  However, with Andrew Luck this team has a chance to make some noise in the AFC, until they play The Pats.

1.Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are clearly the second best team in the AFC, again they need to stay healthy.  With Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’veon Bell, this offense will be very difficult to run with.  Luckily, The Pats have a pretty good offense themselves.  The Pats play at Pittsburgh this season, should be one of the best games of the year.



This time of year is usually slow for most sports cities, however Boston is not like everyone else.  The Celtics, Red Sox, and The Patriots all have had a pretty busy week.

The Red Sox

With the all-star break behind us it’s time for The Sox to focus on the second half of the season.  The Red Sox started on the road against their arch rival Yankees who are having a terrible year.  Stephen Wright got the ball in game 1 of the series and was well rested since he wasn’t allowed to pitch in the all-star game, (Which is another story in itself).  The Yankees couldn’t touch Wright until the 6th inning, but with Boston bats hitting 3 Homeruns it was to much for The Yankees to handle.  Game 2 of the series was all about Eduardo Rodriguez, he went 7 innings while only giving up 1 earned run.  Oh, and Sandy Leon hit a 3 run homerun, what a find he has been for this team.  It is important The Sox get all the wins they can now, the end of their season is a gauntlet with more than half of their games on the road.

The Celtics

Trade rumors have been all the talk in Boston.  Blake Griffin? Russell Westbrook? Jahlil Okafor?  Nobody really knows if The Celtics will make a deal, and who it will be for.  As a Celtic fan you have to be excited, there’s hope around this team right now.  If The Celtics are to land one of these players I think they’ll be seeing Cleveland in The Eastern Conference Finals.

The Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting quarterback for The Patriots for the first four games of the season.  There has been mixed feelings around if Brady made the right decision or not.  However, taking the suspension now is the smart play, I’d rather have Brady missing the first four then the last four.  This suspension will also be good for this teams future, either the league sees that Garoppolo can be a starter in this league and we trade him.  Garoppolo plays really well and Belichick keeps him around to one day take over for Brady. Or worst case scenario, Garoppolo plays terrible and The Pats start off the season with a losing record.  All and all I think The Pats will be just fine, and that a pissed off Brady coming back is bad for the NFL.

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Drew Pomeranz

Dave Dombrowski is wheeling and dealing again.  Last night, the Red Sox GM, traded Anderson Espinoza, their top pitching prospect, to the San Diego Padres for All-star lefty Drew Pomeranz.  Dombrowski is clearly in a win-now attitude and is doing whatever he can to make this team better come October.  Many people are upset at Dombrowski because they believe that he gave up too much for Pomeranz.  Although it was only one player, Anderson Espinoza, is what many fans and scouts believe to be their best pitching prospect they’ve had in years.  He is only 18 years old but he was dominant pitching for the both the Dominican Summer League Red Sox and the rookie level Gulf Coast League Red Sox.  He has struggled a little in Low A Greenville and maybe Dombrowski didn’t see as much as other people did and decided this was the right time to pull the trigger.

People are also concerned about Drew Pomeranz.  Pomeranz is a 27 year-old journey man who has been traded multiple times, been sent to the bullpen, and been sent to Triple AAA.   He was the number 5th pick in the 2010 draft but before this year he was never able to find his groove.  In the 2016 season, Pomeranz is having a career year.  He is 8-7 with a 2.47 ERA, which ranked 3rd in the National League.  He’s never pitched over 100 innings, which is a concern, but this year feels different.

I understand why some Sox fans would be frustrated by this move, but I feel like Dombrowski did the right thing.  The Sox want to win this year and in order to do that they need good starting pitching. If Price, Wright, Porcello, and Pomeranz keep on pitching like they have all year than this team will be good enough to win a World Series.  The Pitching market is weak this year and in order to get something you have to give up something.  The Sox did that without giving up either Moncada or Benintendi.  They also have Pomeranz locked up until 2018 so it’s not like they gave up too much for a rental.  I’m sure Ortiz is feeling good about this deal because this is his last year and the ultimate goal for him is to go out as a four-time World Series Champion.


1. Red Sox:

Dombroski was off to a bad start but is hot

* I love Dombroski’s moves – he acquired Ziegler, Hill (is going to kill it in Boston) and Pomeranz for Espinoza (#3 prospect), Almonte, Basabe, Wilkerson, Rijo

* Signed first round pick Groome

2. Celtics:

* I love the Westbrook talk and I would give up Bradley and Crowder for one year in a second Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Dombroski, Emmy’s, France and Political Correctness »

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Tom Brady/AP Image

Oh, Tom. Tommy, Tom, Tom. We had a good fight, didn’t we? We ruffled some feathers, tangled with authority, and left nearly no stone unturned in an effort to clear the name of the greatest quarterback of all-time. But in the end, there was nothing even the GOAT himself could do to combat the outright hypocrisy and lunacy of one Roger Goodell. The battle to prove Tom’s innocence was underhanded and unfair from the jump, and I for one think it’s time to move forward with Garappolo under-center for weeks 1-4.

When this whole Deflategate fiasco began some 543 days ago, it appeared as though Tom Brady would have an opportunity to prove what he has maintained since day one– that he had no knowledge regarding the deflation of footballs during the 2014 AFC Championship game. Throughout this exhausting legal process, it started to become clear that Tom’s innocence would have no bearing on whether or not his suspension would be eradicated.

What became the harsh reality for Tom and the rest of Patriot Nation was that Roger Goodell, the tyrant, set himself up with absolute, unbounded power when the CBA was put into place a few years back. Due to this stranglehold, Goodell was able to flip Brady’s case completely upside down and make it about his right to enforce his discipline regardless of a player’s innocence, or any other factor for that matter. Essentially, if Roger Goodell doesn’t like the way you cut your hair, he can suspend you for three games. If Goodell thinks you made fun of his hair piece behind closed doors, that’s four games.

This coming from a man who refused to acknowledge the facts (video evidence) that Ray Rice knocked his fiancee unconscious in an elevator. A man who has turned a blind eye to domestic violence, performance enhancing drugs, and several other infractions that have had a MUCH larger effect on the reputation and integrity of his game than an ALLEGEDLY deflated football used in a game that the Pats won by 38 points.

As I’ve said all along, the Brady suspension is a blessing in disguise for the Pats. Tom will have an extra four games of rest, and he will come back to a bevy of talented receivers DYING to catch passes from one of the best to ever lace them up. The extra rest will be huge for Brady and the Pats come playoff time. In addition, it will give the Pats a chance to showcase Jimmy Garappolo, who is nearing the end of his rookie deal and could be used as a trade chip moving forward with a solid performance in the first four weeks.

So enjoy the extended vacation with your super model wife and millions and millions of dollars, Tom. We’ll be ready for you to return week five and drop a 50 burger on those poor, poor Cleveland Browns. WE STAND WITH TOM.



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