Time To Fire Farrell

July 3, 2016 at 10:10am in Boston, Red Claws, Top Story
Fire Farrell

The Red Sox lost 21-2 saturday night, no this is not a typo.  They lost to a great team, oh wait no they didn’t they lost to The Los Angeles Angels, a team who is 15 games under .500.  Clay Buchholz really didn’t pitch bad, only giving up 3 earned runs, but once again it was a short outing, Buchholz failed to reach the fifth inning.  All and all it was a very ugly game for the sputtering Red Sox.

If the Red Sox are going to make a legit run this season there is a few things they have to do.  First is firing the manager.  This recent bad play isn’t all Farrell’s fault you can also blame the players, but yet you can’t just fire the players.  David Price has a 10.38 era in his last 2 starts, and is having the worst season of his career.  Stephen Wright has also been less than stellar in his last 2 starts, posting an era of 6.52.  The players aren’t performing the way they should be and it’s time to give this team a wake up call.  I’d hate to see someone lose their job over other people’s performance, however it’s the only way to save this season.

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1. Most runs scored by a pair of Red Sox in a season:

* 262 in 2016 – Bogaerts and Betts (projected)

* 260 in 1938 – Foxx and Vosmik

* 252 in 1941 – Williams and DiMaggio

2. Lebron:

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Tom Brady/AP Image

With seventy-two days to go until the NFL season kicks off in Denver, Patriots fans have a right to be excited. Is it not exciting to be a die hard fan of one of the most potent teams, year in and year out? In such a weak division, the playoffs are usually a lock, and this year will be no different.

The most exciting offseason move for the Patriots thus far was the acquisition of Martellus Bennett, who himself stated that he was excited to play the role of Robin, as Gronk is already Batman.

Combined with Bennett, the Patriots also signed Chris Long and Nate Washington. Three veteran players who are excited to join a winning franchise could add up to a hefty sum of money, but not if you’re Bill Belichick-all three players combine for a salary cap hit of less than ten million dollars.

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1. Red Sox stuff:

* Red Sox by month – April 14-10 / May 16-10 / June 9-14

* Steven Wright has to win two of next three to make the All Star game

* John Farrell is 22nd in Red Sox manager history in win percentage

* Would you trade Jackie Bradley and Blake Swihart for Andrew McCutchen

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Clay Buchholz (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The Red Sox desperately needed a solid start from Clay Buchholz on Sunday; they did not get one. Sunday’s 6-2 loss can be attributed to a lack of timely hitting backed up by completely subpar pitching. It might be easy to say that it’s not surprising that Buchholz struggled against a Rangers team with the best record in the American League, especially with how Buchholz’s season has gone this year. But John Farrell used his faith in Buchholz to justify not bringing up a reliever from Pawtucket a night after Steven Wright did not make it out of the fifth inning, and two nights after David Price didn’t make it out of the third. Most Red Sox fans already knew that faith was misguided, and were not surprised when Buchholz allowed the first six batters he faced to reach base, putting giving the Rangers an immediate lead they would not give up. Buchholz also walked more batters (5) than he struck out (3), further illustrating why he was demoted to the bullpen earlier in the season. Sadly the Red Sox find themselves thin on options as far as starting pitching is concerned, but there really is no reason to send Buchholz back out for another start. He has had more than his fair share of chances in Boston, and he has proven that the only thing he can be counted on to do is under-perform.

A few more notes from Sunday’s game:

  • Bryce Brentz went 2-for-3 with a solo homer, the first of his Major League career. It will be interesting to see if the Red Sox try to get Brentz some playing time in Left Field going forward, as his bat could be starting to heat up. His main competition in Left, Ryan LaMarre, has done absolutely nothing with the bat since coming up from Pawtucket, so there should be plenty of playing time available for whoever is performing at the moment.

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I’m sure everyone has heard, Durant and his people have released a list of teams that they will be meeting with during free agency.   This list includes, The Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, L.A. Clippers, The Thunder, and yes The Boston Celtics.

Think about this list, a team that just broke the regular season wins record, a team who recently won back to back championships, the best team of the last 10 plus years, a team that has Cp3 and Blake Griffin, and the team that drafted him.  This is the brass of the NBA (besides Cleveland).  Yes, The Celtics are more than likely number 6 on this list, however at least they are on it.  This list does not include the glamour of The Lakers, the bright lights of New York, it doesn’t include Houston were James Harden resides, and most surprisingly The Washington Wizards (Durant’s hometown) did not make the cut.

The Celtic’s just being on this list speaks volumes, this could single-handedly make Boston more intriguing to free agents.   For years Boston has been laying the groundwork to become a destination for free agents, and finally there is a glimmer of hope.  Hope that free agents can see the history of The Celtics, see the banners in the rafters, and see that this team with Brad Stevens has the potential to be a contender in the east.  The Celtics are also the only team that will meet with Durant that has room for 2 max contracts.

Do I think Durant will be in green next season?  No I don’t. However if the meeting goes well, and Durant signs a one year deal in OKC and tests free agency again in 2017 then I think there is a real chance it could happen.  Durant and his people hear the plan, Ainge executes it and next season Durant entertains the idea of Boston again.  Remember Celtic fans, Ainge started recruiting Kevin Garnett 3 years prior to trading for him.  Could we see history repeat itself?

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Danny’s Disappointment.

June 24, 2016 at 2:33pm in Boston, Celtics, Top Story

Celtic fans everywhere went into last nights NBA Draft with very high expectations.  Throughout the day all we heard was proposed trades for multiple players, players like Jimmy Butler, Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Gordon Hayward.  As Celtics fans we had a reason to be hopeful.  Finally, after nearly 3 years The Celtics get to cash in on these covenant Nets picks.  The idea on everyone’s mind was to trade the pick, get a bona fide all star and hope it lures Kevin Durant to Boston.

Then the first 2 picks went off the board and the moment was finally here.  Celtics fans everywhere were expecting Adam Silver to go to the podium and announce a trade.  Then as he stepped up to the podium he said “And with the number 3 pick The Boston Celtics select Jaylen Brown From The University Of California”.  Just like that Celtic fans everywhere were deflated (sorry I know that’s a touchy word around New England).  All this hope has been shot down, and from the reaction of Celtic fans they were not happy.  It was good to see Boston fans boo, Celtic fans don’t do that often and it really seemed like Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck looked uncomfortable when he was booed off the stage.  Which by the way I don’t think has ever happened before.

Personally, I like Jaylen Brown as a player.  He’s versatile, athletic, and can defend other team’s best player.  The problem is The Celtics have multiple guys on the roster with these same skills.  Brown has to improve his shooting, last season he only shot .294% from the three point line.  Jaylen Brown could be an impact player for The Celtics, and it could be this season.  We won’t know if this was the right pick until two to three years from now.  After the Celtics didn’t make a splash with pick number 3, I felt they were going to draft and stash.  The Celtic’s didn’t want to be tied up with guaranteed contracts and not be able to do something in free agency, and the only way to draft guys and not have to pay them was to stash them overseas.

The Celtics and more importantly Wyc Grousbeck have really created this monster.  This monster being us Celtics fans that want to win now and are tired of always waiting for next year’s draft.  We all know Danny is really trying to bring a superstar into Boston, but until that happens don’t promise us fireworks and then leave us with an unlit firecracker.

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