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The Hanley Ramirez Experiment, In General, Must End

By on September 1, 2015 at 8:08pm
ramirez masslive Hanley Ramirez (Photo Credit: http://www.masslive.com)

When you spend $88 million on a player he better be worth every red cent. Hanley Ramirez is not worth the high-priced contract he signed with the Red Sox.

Hanley Ramirez reminds me of a movie from the 1980s starring a young Tom Hanks, called The Money Pit. A newlywed couple buys what they think is their dream house, only to find that it is littered with bad wiring, poor construction, and a renovation that goes south before it even begins. Ramirez has not lived up to all the hype. Last winter Red Sox Nation hoped that 2015 would be the season of our dreams, only to find it had a lost, injury-prone left fielder that cannot seem to hit over .300.

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Patriots fullback James Develin has been placed on the injured reserve list with a season-ending leg injury. The fullback fractured his right leg, falling after catching a Jimmy Garoppolo pass in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s preseason victory over the Carolina Panthers. Develin underwent surgery in Charlotte after the game and has now made it back to Foxborough.

Coach Bill Belichick had this to say following his return: “Saw him yesterday; he’s doing well…I think he has a good attitude. It was good to see him back here.”

Develin, who is widely liked in the locker room and by New England fans, is likely to miss the entire season. When Patriots fans think of last year’s winning slogan “Do Your Job” they think of James Develin. Continue reading James Develin Out For Season with Broken Leg »

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Alejandro De Aza

Yesterday the Red Sox traded Alejandro De Aza to the San Francisco Giants in exchange for minor league reliever Luis Ysla. According to a tweet from Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com, the Red Sox will still have to pay $650K of De Aza’s remaining salary as part of the deal. This is the second time De Aza has been traded this year, after Boston acquired him earlier in the season from the Baltimore Orioles.

At the time the Red Sox were still in contention but needed outfield help and De Aza filled that void. During his time in Boston De Aza performed above expectations; in 161 at bats he hit .292 with 9 doubles, 5 triples, 4 home runs, and 25 RBI. He also played great defense in the outfield. Continue reading Red Sox Trade Alejandro De Aza to San Francisco Giants »

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Loui Eriksson will be always be remembered as ‘the guy the Bruins got for Tyler Seguin’. When Eriksson first came to town, the expectations were high but the results did not match the expectations. Seguin went off to Dallas and scored the highest point total of his career, 84 points, which still stands today. Unfortunately, Eriksson’s 1st season in Black and Gold was abysmal.

In the 61 games he played in the ’13-’14 season, he scored only 37 points and even worse he only scored 10 goals. You read that right, 10. That total was very underwhelming considering he used to scored 63, 71, and 73 points in prior seasons for the Dallas Stars. Continue reading Loui Eriksson Entering Contract Season »

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Judge Richard Berman announced on Monday that the sides in the Brady v NFL lawsuit regarding the “Deflategate” scandal had not reached a settlement. This means that Berman will rule on the case, a decision that he said will come “tomorrow or the next day.”

Although no settlement was reached, Berman did say that he felt the sides had worked “quite hard” toward reaching one. If he upholds the suspension for Brady, the suspension will begin on Saturday, September 5. If he overturns the decision of the NFL, the suspension will be vacated. If he rules in the NFL’s favor, Brady could still appeal again and file for an injunction meaning he could play while that appeal is playing out.

Berman has been tough on the NFL in court, but that does not necessarily mean he will rule in Brady’s favor. The two sides had three negotiating sessions since August 1, but were unable to reach a deal.

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1. Red Sox:

* De Arza not getting a bunt down in the 9th led directly to a loss – I hope Lovullo goes Herb Brooks on the team and has them practicing bunting until the lights go out

* Red Sox are 14-11 when Hanley doesn’t play

* Watching the ball roll under Rusney’s glove Friday made me wonder where his SAT scores would land

* Is that Rich Garces who got the Sox save on Saturday

* Ortiz not sliding into second on Saturday – insane

* Joe West looks like a guy who doesn’t want be there

2. Patriots:

* Brady running for first downs was scary. When he ran to make a tackle on an interception I thought his knee gave out

* Jimmy Garoppolo this year passing 61 for 80 – 76% Continue reading Connelly’s Top Ten: Red Sox Can’t Bunt, Brady Scares New England, Decorated War Vets Come to Boston »

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Joe Kelly and his moustache

Joe Kelly was impressive once again in his start against the Mets yesterday. He looks like a completely different pitcher than the one we saw at the start of the season, which is very encouraging.

In his first few starts after getting called back up Kelly seemed no different, but since the beginning of August his statistics have been splendid. After yesterday’s performance he is now 6-0 in August with a 3.36 ERA. Continue reading Joe Kelly and His Moustache Continue to Impress »

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